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Facial Rejuvenation

Facial Rejuvenation-The Acupuncture Face-lift

Is this Facial Rejuvenation right for me?

::     Perhaps you have had or have considered a surgical procedure, botox, collagen injections, chemical or laser treatments, but want to avoid the cost or risk associated these approaches. This alternative has very little risk and is done at a fraction of the cost.

::     Facial Rejuvenation cannot completely replace surgery but the results can be substantial and natural looking.

::     The treatments are great for treating skin problems such as acne, poor skin tone, lack of color, general sagging and wrinkles.

::     The treatments are aimed at treating these problems from within which often results in an improvement of general well being both physically and spiritually.

::     This treatment is also a great way to prevent the usual wear and tear of age, sun damage, smoking etc. by stimulating the meridians in the face, which help to maintain higher collagen and elastin levels in the face, therefore preventing wrinkles.

::     It will revitalize your skin, make it feel more toned and within a few treatments your friends will want to know your secret!

What can I expect?

::     The treatments are a natural way of working with the body’s energy and patients discover more benefits than their face looking brighter and younger which is a great alternative to chemicals and invasive treatments.

::     Usually results are seen after the first treatment, with continued improvement over the next few hours or the next day.

::     Skin tone, complexion, color and vitality of the skin should improve notably with each subsequent session.

::     The treatments often include other body points that help to balance a person’s system so they usually feel a sense of well being.

What can facial rejuvenation treat?

::     Reduces fine lines and wrinkles

::     Increases circulation to the face

::     Stimulates collagen and elastin production

::     Promotes and increases cellular metabolism

::     Helps in the treatment of acne and other skin conditions

::     Lifts drooping eyelids

::     Tightens pores on the face

::     Reduces the appearance of bags under the eyes

::     Moisturizes the skin and improves muscle and skin tone

::     Brightens the eyes

::     Helps patients look and feel younger

Does it hurt?

::     The needles used are extremely fine and there is very little sensation.

::     On some occasions, a slight stinging may be experienced but in general the whole experience is a relaxing one.

::     There could be some localized bruising but it is minor, will not last long and can easily be covered with makeup.

::     If you are feeling uneasy about the needles, schedule a time for a free consult to get a chance to see and feel the needles. This is a great way to alleviate some of the anxiety.

How many treatments will I need?

::     Suggested number of treatments for the series is 10-20 depending on your skin condition.

::     2 or more treatments per week are usually indicated for the first 10 sessions then spacing out to 1 per week for the remainder.

::     Average number of treatments for skin over 40 years young is 15-20.

::     Average number of treatments for skin under 40 years young is 10-15.

::     Patients under 30 may want to begin treatments to slow the aging process to the skin as a preventative measure.

::     Individuals with a history of smoking, drinking, or sun bathing may require more treatments-usually 20 or more treatments with inclusion of herbs.

::     Once the initial series is completed, maintenance treatments should be given every 4-6 weeks for up to 3 months.

::     One maintenance treatment should bring the face back to optimal level.

::     Treat yourself prior to special occasions or after illness or stressful periods.

How did my skin get this way in the first place?

::     Lots of factors damage our skin such as….

>     Pollution

>     Sun exposure

>     Climate excesses-hot, cold, damp, dry in excess

>     Make up

>     Poor skincare

>     Smoking

>     Alcohol

>     Drug use

>     Excess coffee or tea consumption

>     Poor diet

>     Decreased water intake

>     Lack of exercise

>     Stress and tension

>     Emotional imbalance

What can I do to enhance my treatments?

::     Use herbal cleansers and moisturizers

::     Facial massage

::     6-10 glasses of water, especially on days of treatment

::     Proper diet, exercise and healthy lifestyle choices

::     Sleep in a supine position to avoid lying on the face

Are there any contraindications to getting facial acupuncture?

::     Yes, a few conditions are contraindicated. Contact us for a list of conditions not recommended or indicated to use caution with this protocol.

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