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Testimonials Facial Rejuvenation

Let me start by saying that Michelle has been a god sent angel to me. Since I was 15 years old, I never had a period until I turned 16 . Even then I only had one natural one. I knew something was wrong so we went to the dr and they did all the tests and finally just decided to put me on bcp because I guess they didn't know what the problem was and they said this should get me to regulate my cycle. And so back then we didn't know any better and we thought oh well! they are doctors so I'm sure they know what they are talking about. SO basically I was on bcp for over 4 years and I hated it so much, I knew it was hurting my body somehow bc I was feeling so sick all the time and my pelvic was in excruciated pain. By that time I was older and wiser and decided to take matters into my own hands. I found a good Gyno to find out the real prob and she did a pelvic exam and finally found that I had PCOS and told me the only way I can treat it is by bcp. I was devastated but somehow relieved that I knew the roots of my problems. So I did a lot of research and after suffering from the bad side effects of bcp and founding out some very scary stuff about it, I decided to quit it altogether and find better alternatives. See basically the bcp was disguising the real problem, it was like a band aid to my pcos. During that transition I still wasn't getting any period bc I wasn't on anything to provoke a fake period and my body was already so messed up so I definitely couldn't produce one on my own. I went to one homeopathic dr and he gave me some pills and I got my period within few wks but then the next months I continue with those pills but my period stopped. I found Michelle Belanger's website and decided hey what the hell let me try it bc when I was on natural medicine with the previous homeopathic I enjoyed the feeling of well being and no synthetic drugs in my body but something was still not right bc my period stopped. From the first day I started with Michelle she was just the best she listened to my issues ( unlike doctors who wants to rush you and get you out the door bc they have busy schedule or think everything is in your head and wants to shove bcp down your throat) she took notes and then gave me prognosis and what we will do to get my body back to its original state so it can work right. She is so patient, attentive and payed close attention to my vitals and I can feel all the improvements my body was doing. As soon as I started with her, my period came the next month and I have been getting it with no interruption every month now. I cannot thank her enough or refer her to enough people bc I am so grateful on what she has done for me. I can feel my body slowly but surely getting back to normal and I feel like a woman again. Michelle has all kind of different natural methods to put your body back into its normal state and whatever method you feel more comfortable with and she thinks will be best beneficial for you she will do. She is the best herbalist, ap I have ever met and I tell everyone and my family about her because without her help and expertise, I don't know what kind of state my body would be right now. Taking the natural route and having Michelle Belanger as my ap has been one of the best decision I have ever made. Thank you Michelle! :-)
Patricia Mangham
Greenacres, FL


"The individual effort comes from within but the encouragement definitely comes from Michelle. Her positive and patient teaching style makes this challenging practice a very rewarding experience."
Laura Valladares -Yoga Student, Miami, Florida

“I am so grateful to have found Michelle. She is so gentle and kind. Her office atmosphere so soothing. Her compassion and awareness and full understanding of exactly what I need is amazing. I never considered acupuncture before. With Michelle, I feel safe, comfortable and at ease. The release of the pains in my spirit, my heart, as well as my body that I experience with Michelle is miraculous. The perfect combination of Acupuncture and Herbs is just the right recipe for better health for me. Thank you, Michelle.”
Namaste, Gina Page

“I have been receiving acupuncture treatments from Michelle Belanger for about 3 months. Following each visit, I have been very impressed with Michelle's nurturing and informative consultations, professional style and ultimately, the positive results.

The stresses of ‘life as we know it’ had taken it's toll and my energy levels were depleted. Since starting acupuncture treatments, I have increased my abilities to focus clearly, deal with energy-depleting distractions, and recognize situations which generate ‘positive energy’ as well as ‘negative energy.’

Throughout each treatment, Michelle explains the method and purpose of the acupuncture process. Rarely have I felt so confident and secure following ‘traditional’ Western methods of treatments.”
Lucy Suter

“Michelle Belanger has been treating me for the last year. At first I was apprehensive about needles being stuck in my body. There is no pain involved and the treatments have benefited my general health. She is a wonderful Acupuncture Physician.”
Richard Stiller

"I feel very fortunate to be able to share how I feel about Michelle's capacity as an acupuncturist and healer. She has helped me tremendously with my health concerns over the last year. She has a special ability to tune in, assess what needs to be done and provide effective treatment and healing in a comfortable and safe environment. Thank you Michelle!"
Kat Poppmeier L.M.T

“I have had acupuncture given to me by Michelle Belanger and felt an
immediate improvement in the pain that I had felt in my back. I take my 83
year old mother on a weekly basis to Michelle and I've seen a definite
change. My mother feels better and has more mobility.”
Carol Feuerman

“Michelle is the one of the most talented young professionals that I have ever met. She is extremely knowledgeable about Acupuncture and she not only treats you but takes the time to educate you on the intricate relationship between your overall well being and health and your life. I highly recommend anyone who is curious about the benefits of acupuncture to schedule an appointment with Michelle so she can dispel any of their fears or reservations.”
Keitha Glace, GlaceGrafix, LLC

“My first Acupuncture experience was better than what I could have of ever imagined. Michelle made me feel comfortable during my experience. I recommend it to everyone!!!”
Bibi Kronfeld

“My experience with Michelle for Acupuncture was a very positive one. The benefits that I received from my treatments helped me a great deal physically from my car accident and also emotionally. I've spent a lot of money going to physical therapy and got very little if any relief. I am very thankful that I can get this relief without any medications. I can't thank her enough for the wonderful changes that have happened to my life.”
Regina Bovee

“A very dear friend referred me to Michelle Belanger several months ago. Needless to say, I was extremely skeptical about the whole acupuncture thing, but was willing to try anything to help relieve the pain. From the moment I met Michelle, I immediately liked her and felt she deeply cared about her patients. As she says, she likes to treat the person, not the problem. She talks to you to find out what's going on "all over," so to speak, to enable her to curtail or adapt her treatment that day/week. The truest thing she ever said (which stuck with me) was "even if we can't alleviate all the pain, I can help you deal with/manage the pain better." She was exactly right; I seemed to deal with the situation better as a result of the treatments. As an aside, I was definitely a bit concerned about the actual pins (i.e. would it hurt?, etc). The funny thing is, the treatments are so relaxing that I managed to FALL ASLEEP each week! Michelle is absolutely wonderful -- I would recommend her to any of my friends and family; in fact, I already have...”
Stacy Mager



"Hi Michelle, just wanted to let you know how great I've been feeling ever since I started receiving treatments from you. When I first started with you, I was a little apprehensive because of a previous difficult Acupuncture treatment, but with you I find the treatments painless and relaxing. I can always count on you for a tune up. I have already recommended you to several friends.”
Thanks, Teresa



"I've known Michelle personally for many years now. Her gentle and caring traits suit her well for helping people heal and come to a better place in their lives. She takes things seriously but is quick to laugh and flash her infective smile when amused, which I find very good at putting one at ease."
-John Avila



"My experience with Michelle was deeply supportive and helpful. I was extremely depressed and feeling as though the world was crashing in on me. Acupuncture
and Herbs from Michele did what Five Element Acupuncture does so very well in the hands of a skilled practitioner-returned me to a centered balanced state of being. I cannot recommend Michelle highly enough!"
-Thomas Merrill

"After having received your acupuncture treatments for more than a month. I want to express my utmost joy and appreciation for your approach, skills and great results. My injury was severe and I was looking for someone to support me in getting back on track with my health. I've been always a strong believer in a wholistic approach and it proved to be so successful for me. Your approach not only treated and improved the condition of my injury, but helped me with the overall quest for finding my balance and maintaining my clarity about what I need to do to stay healthy. Before, I was scared about acupuncture treatments. Now I can only say- I am so happy that I was referred to you and please keep up what you are doing, you are such a blessing to all those in need of healing! Thank you, thank you, thank you!"

-Bilyana Keogh, Hollywood, FL

I am feeling the best I have in years healthwise (other than the dental issue and with that I am more annoyed with the $ of that than the dental work itself). Right or wrong I make it a habit of opening my mouth and breathing out all the bad energy, etc on a daily basis.

I hardly have any tummy flare ups, sleep well and I'm making a conscious effort to turn loose of any negative stuff that lands at my door. A lot of this I feel has come from the acupuncture and I do believe maintenance visits are needed to keep it this way.

I'm wiping the floor with the other dancers stamina wise, the pain in my foot is but a memory now. My TMJ is under control and my spirits are high. I'm losing inches if not pounds and I've bought some size 12-14's just lately. This past April I wore a size 22! I've come a long way Baby!
-Susie, Davie, FL


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