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Helpful Tips Facial Rejuvenation

Some helpful tips to get the most out of your treatments

::     Donít eat an extremely heavy meal or drink alcohol right before or after your treatment.

::     Donít overexert yourself within 6 hours before or after a treatment.

::     Try to arrange your schedule so you can get some rest afterward, especially early on in the process. If you canít, at least avoid scheduling activities that require you to be in top physical and mental condition. You may feel very relaxed or even tired after your session.

::     Wear comfortable clothes.

::     Continue taking your medications as directed by your physician, but make sure the Acupuncture Physician knows what they are.

::     Donít take illicit drugs. Drug or alcohol abuse will interfere with the effectiveness your treatment.

::     If your Acupuncture Physician is not providing your primary health care then make sure to keep your primary health care professional apprised of your acupuncture treatment. It is also important to keep your Acupuncture Physician up to date on changes in your health. You may want to suggest that all professionals involved in your health care talk to each other in order to reduce the chance that important medical problems will be overlooked.

::     Remember to keep good mental or written notes of what your responses are to treatment. This is important for all of your health care professionals to know, especially your Acupuncture Physician, when planning follow up treatments. This information will help to plan the best treatment for you so that you may continue to heal.


ē Energy Maintenance

What are some other ways to keep my energy balanced on my own?

::     A regular Yoga, Tai Chi or Chi Gong practice really helps to maintain a healthy flow of energy that feeds the body, mind and spirit.

::     Engage in the healing process by choosing healthy lifestyle choices. This usually enhances the feeling of well being and overall health.

::     Drink lots of clean water to keep the system flushed of toxins that we breathe and eat.

::     Try to sit down to eat and prepare healthy foods that build energy rather than challenge the system.

::     Learn to take walks and enjoy nature.

::     Spend quality time with friends and family and feed the heart.

::     Spend at least 15 minutes per day in meditation or quiet time to give your busy mind a rest. This is a great way to begin or end your day.

::     Discover your interests and engage in them.

::     We are a busy race with lots of stressors and obligations. Remember to feed your own spirit!

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