Welcome Back To Our New Normal!

WE ARE OPEN! We understand that this has perhaps, been a difficult time and a stressful one. That means it is a most important time to care for our immune system and fortunately traditional chinese medicine is one of the best tools for that. With acupuncture, B12/homeopathic injections, manual therapies, yoga and qi gong support as well as with herbal medicine we plan to keep you strong but in order to do that we must remain safe. read more


Science meets yoga - need a better reason to get off the couch and to the gym? click here

  Help us create a sacred space...
We need you! After 11 years in our prior space we have moved to a larger and more inviting new location. You helped to create a warm and sacred space with your energy there and we need to recreate that again. Please visit us at our new space and receive super discounts. read more
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